Part of the shift that is taking place currently in global mission is the sending of missionaries from the Majority World (Africa, Caribbean, Asia and South America) to Europe and North America. Often these missionaries are not well trained or prepared for the task of mission in Britain and other European countries. In addition, British indigenous Christians do not understand or have a good relationship with Christians from the South. The centre aims to help British indigenous Christians and Churches and Majority World pastors and missionaries work together in mission.

missionary identity:

We are a collective of missionaries and leaders from the Majority World who sees Europe as a mission field therefore wanting to contextualise our mission and help others to engage in intercultural mission in the British/European context. This mission also drives our vision and shapes it. 


1. The aim of this centre is to prepare, equip and encourage pastors and missionaries from the Majority World in Britain and other parts of Europe to understand the post-modern secular context of European societies and culture.

2. A second objective is encouraging southern scholarship and publications through books, journals (Journal of Missionaries from the Majority World) and other forms of academic materials. This will be to develop a strong theology of mission that is practical and help the next generation of mission practitioners from the Majority World.

3. Another objective is helping British indigenous Christians and church leaders understand the mission and theology of Christians from the Majority World so as to improve relationships between both of them. Part of the learning will be to help British indigenous Christians understand the background of these missionaries.

4. The centre  aims to help pastors and missionaries who are interested in church planting to find out where a church plant might be needed. This is to avoid several churches being planted in the same proximity. This will involve networking and research to make information available in terms of where churches, mission initiatives or projects might be best needed. This is to avoid competition and waste of resources that could be diverted to the right places at the right time.

5. The centre directors also act as mission consultant on Diaspora mission. The range of expertise within the team means that we can offer mission consultation on various aspect of Diaspora mission.


Training, Consultation and Research


  • Who? Reverse missionaries, people, organisations and churches working in the area of diaspora mission and indigenous white Christians and churches
  • How? Through one-day conferences, webinars, seminars, short courses, invitation from mission organisations and churches and collaboration with other training centres and institutions
  • Areas covered: Reverse mission, Diaspora mission, developing multicultural churches, cross-cultural mission and World Christianity

Mission Consultation

  • Who? Mission organisations, theological colleges, Church denominations and networks
  • How? One to one consultation, networking, collaborative consultations
  • Areas: We have a range of expertise in different areas of mission, theology and church traditions therefore we could cover the following: Diaspora mission, reverse mission, multicultural Christianity, World Christianity, partnership in mission, church planting, leadership development


  • Who? Our research to benefit Majority World Christians in Britain as well as indigenous white organisations who want to understand the dynamics of diaspora mission in the 21st century
  • How? Through commissioned research projects, published monographs (books), edited volumes, CMMW blog (already online!), research papers and collaborative research with other research centres
  • Areas of research: Reverse mission, Diaspora mission, World Christianity, Multicultural Christianity, Contextual theologies, Pentecostal Studies and Practical Theology


  • October 2013 the Centre as well as a book resource (Turning the Tables on Mission: Stories of Christians from the Global South in Britain) was launched at the Evangelical Alliance headquarters by Steve Clifford
  • March-May 2014 we had Missional Conversations with few mission leaders and theologians once a month for three months
  • In September 2014, in partnership with Spurgeon’s College, South Asian Forum (SAF), South Asian Concern (SAC) and One People Commission, we had a one- day conference exploring the theme: Partnership in Mission
  • March 2015, in partnership with the Ethiopian Church and The Evangelical Alliance we had another one- day conference exploring multicultural churches
  • In November 2015 we had a Pastor’s Brunch for about 15 church leaders representing the Majority World
  • July 2016, we partnered with Birmingham Churches Together and Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education and organised a one- day conference themed: Every Tribe, Nation and Language: Growing Multi-ethnic Churches
  • June 2017, in partnership with Church of God of Prophecy, Grace Evangelistic Ministries and St Mark Baptist Church, Bristol, we had a day conference with the theme: Every Tribe, Nation and Language: Growing Multi-ethnic Multicultural Churches
  • In October 2017 we partnered with London City Mission and organised a day conference with the theme: African and Caribbean Theologies. The event also saw the launch of the book African Voices: Towards African British Theologies
  • In March 2018 in conjunction with BMS Birmingham we organised a mission conference themed Mission and Migration
  • In October 2018 we worked with Sheffield Community Church to put together a mission conference themed World Christianity in Britain. One of the exciting emerging themes the conference addressed briefly was the issue of second-generation Africans
  • In June 2019 in partnership with All Nations Christian College, Global Connections and Movement of African National Initiatives (MANI) we organised a two-day mission consultation on the State of Diaspora Mission in the UK.
  • Currently some of the team members are working with Lausanne Europe as consultants serving in various teams towards a European consultation in Poland October 2020 Now postponed to November 2021. The theme of the consultation is dynamic Gospel New Europe.
  • CMMW in partnership with Faith Forum (an online theological conversation) and Missio Africanus organised the launch of two books: World Christianity in Western Europe and Multicultural Kingdom in July 2020 on Facebook live conversation.
  • In collaboration with other partners and stakeholders (Missio Africanus, Faith Forum and others) CMMW is involved in the development of a theological institution in the UK that will give emphasis on Majority World Christian contributions in the area of theological education.