Black Light Course

Black Light Course is an 8 month session cross-cultural programme organised by Ascension Trust and Urban Expression.

Date: It will start on the 29th of April and finish on the 24th of June

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: £80

Over the past 50 years, the church scene in many parts of Britain has experienced dramatic changes. One of the most striking and significant is the growth and multiplication of Black majority churches and other churches comprised mainly of members from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia or Latin America. Many other churches have also received new members from these backgrounds, some who have come as immigrants, others who were born here.

These developments have been exciting but also challenging. Not all have felt welcome in churches with a dominant ethnicity or culture. Not all new churches have thrived. Many are struggling to reach out beyond their own ethnic group or to hold on to their children. Efforts at partnership and mutual learning have often floundered. Overt and institutional racism has been evident. And yet the potential is huge for mission and church renewal!

The Black Light course offers an opportunity to explore and reflect on this scenario. The course was first run in London in the 1990s as an opportunity for Black Christians to dig deeper into their history and think about contemporary challenges and opportunities, and for White Christians to learn more about the history, spirituality and faith of Black Christians and churches. Black and White presenters and participants shared in a rich learning experience.

Over 20 years on, some of the issues have changed, others remain the same. There has been further growth in the Black majority churches; there are more mono-ethnic churches; many of these churches are losing their young people and are still unsure how to reach out to others; and the Black Lives Matter movement has renewed consciousness of the continuing struggle against racism. The Black Light course has been revised and updated and will be offered in 2021 as an online course – eight evening sessions spread over nine weeks (with a break in the middle).

For more details and to register please use this website

Climate Justice: An Urgent Global Conversation about the Brown Agenda

This is a day event organised by Centre for Black Theology of Queens Foundation and Christian Aid

On the 22nd of October 7 30pm on zoom. To register or email please use the link and mail below:

Black History Month event on Climate Justice

MA in Multicultural Church Practice

All Nations Christian College is running a unique MA in Multicultural Church Practice. Below is a testimony from one the students, South Korean pastor Abraham Nam Jung

I am a pastor leading a multicultural church in south London.  The journey of becoming a multicultural church has been both exciting and challenging.  At times I just didn’t know what to do and where to turn.  This short course on “Multicultural Church in Practice” has been a fantastic time and tool.  I could learn from different speakers and practitioners looking at the multicultural ministry from a variety of different angles such as theological, missiological, cultural, sociological, etc. 

During this course not only I could share my own experiences and excitements, but also I was challenged and exposed to my own shortcomings and weaknesses.  It was also hugely beneficial that I was introduced to many relevant books and resources which will help me continue to think about the issues raised and discussed.  I think this course is very unique and pioneering in the sense that there are no other places who offer quite the same course.  I would recommend to all pastors – British and diaspora – to be trained and equipped in multicultural ministry.  Because whether we like it or not our churches will become more and more multicultural.  We have to.  It is a biblical mandate (Rev 7:9)!

For more information on the module as an advance short course, please visit:

And if you are interested in the MA in Multicultural Church in Practice, please go to:

The State of Diaspora Mission in the UK (A Diaspora Mission Consultation

A two-day mission consultation taking on the 6th&7th of September  12 noon-2pm at All Nations Christian College in Hertfordshire. Including talks, discussions, food and networking!




Christians from the Global South and Diaspora Mission in Europe (A Global Consultation organised by Global Diaspora Network)

Liverpool Diaspora Consultation Poster (2)

Multicultural Worship on Saturday 23 February at All Nations Christian College 9am-5pm

“The Multicultural Worship Day is a day aimed at pastors, worship leaders and congregational members who want to understand how to embrace multicultural worship in to the local church setting. The biblical teaching and the song learning sessions are extremely helpful for those who want to engage further in global expressions of worship and reach out in to ethnically diverse communities.

The day will be led by Ian Collinge and members of Arts Release at All Nations Christian College.

If you are coming in a group of 3 or people we can offer you a 20% discount per person (£46.40 per person instead of £58)

There are 4 training sessions and in between each session you will learn new songs from different parts of the globe that can be introduced to your church or ministry context.

  • Session 1: Why Multicultural Worship? ( Biblical understanding)
  • Session 2: Global Worship Issues ( models and live case studies)
  • Session 3: How to lead Multicultural Worship (practicalities)
  • Session 4: Preparing for a Global Worship Service.

Ending in Global Worship!”

Thank you for your consideration!

To register please follow this link

Conversations in World Christianity: Majority World Christians in Britain

A Day Conference for church leaders, youth leaders, mission thinkers and practitioners to exploring Diaspora Mission

Saturday 13th October

Topics covered include

South Asian Christianity and Interfaith Dialogue by Usha Reifsnider

Diaspora Missiology by Dr Samuel Cueva

Youth Ministry in Multi-ethnic Britain by Sarah Alonge

African Christianity by Dr Emma Wild-Wood

African Christianity in Diaspora by Dr Anderson Moyo

Venue: Sheffield Community Church, 131 Guildford Ave, Sheffield S2 2PR (Parking is available on site)

Time: 10am-4pm

Registration cost including a multi-ethnic meal is included as well as a vegetarian option: £15, students £10

Register at:

Contact email:


Join CMMW and BMS World Mission for a fascinating exploration of mission and migration, and how these pertinent issues impact our ministry in the UK today.

Date: Saturday 10 March 2018, 10am-4pm.
Venue: BMS World Mission, 24 Weoley Park Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6QX.
Speakers: Kang-San Tan, Cathy Ross, Girma Bishaw and Claire Ord.
Cost: £15 including lunch.

Book your place: Email

Every Nation, Tribe and Language: Growing multi-ethnic churches

More than 50 people gathered on 10 June 2017 for a CMMW conference in St Mark’s Baptist Church, Bristol, to discuss the joys, challenges and opportunities of leading a multi-ethnic church.

The fascinating discussions explored the Biblical mandate for multi-ethnic church communities, and how we can build truly inclusive communities which value and celebrate people from all cultural backgrounds.

Read more on our News page!


Future Conferences

If you would like to host a CMMW conference in your area please contact us through our contact page.



The Global Mission Conference saw a gathering of missionaries, mission societies, pastors, theologians and church members to think and pray about Mission in the Third Millennium.

Hosted by Dr. Samuel Cueva, President of Mission for the Third Millenium and part of the CMMW team, and Rev. Chris Green, Vicar of St James, Muswell Hill, the conference featured speakers from around the world including the UK, Europe and Latin America.

Every Tribe, Nation and Language: Growing Multi-ethnic Churches

A day conference for church leaders of all Christian traditions seeking to integrate people from different ethnic backgrounds into the life and mission of their church.

Read the full conference report here.

This day conference took place on Saturday 2nd July 2016 at Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education in Birmingham. This unique collaboration between Birmingham Churches Together, Queens Foundation and the Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World attracted delegates from across the Christian traditions of Pentecostal, Anglican, Free Church and Catholic Churches.

Keynote speakers offered British and African perspectives about the challenge of growing multi-ethnic churches in the context of contemporary British society.

  • Steve Hollinghurst explored the impact on Christian mission of secularism, individualism and consumerism.
  • Harvey Kwiyani shared insights as an African missionary and theologian who has lived in the West for many years.
  • Tani Omideyi shared his experience of growing a multi-ethnic church in the Anfield area of Liverpool
  • Gale Richards helped us respond together in a conversation with keynote speakers about questions raised during group discussion.

The conference organisers were thrilled to welcome a diverse group of Christian leaders gathering from across the Midlands and beyond) to explore together the challenge of growing multi-ethnic fellowships and sharing the Christian Gospel across ethnic and cultural boundaries.



At the end of 2015, CMMW gathered together 15 pastors and leaders originating from 10 different countries as diverse as South Korea, Puru, Jamaica, Ethiopia and India. All now find themselves living as missionaries in the UK today, some having left their countries of birth with the express purpose of serving God here, while others have found themselves here through various circumstances, including fleeing their countries or coming to study, and it was while they were here that they sensed that God was calling them as missionaries to this place.

The purpose of the CMMW Brunch event was to encourage these pastors and missionaries, providing space to share their stories and discuss together the realities of mission in the UK today.

Read more about the event, including the keynote talk , Models of Mission in a Globalised World by Dr Samuel Cueva, on our news page.


Highs and Lows of Growing a Multi-ethnic Church – CMMW Conference March 2015

On 21 March 2015 CMMW held its second conference, at the Evangelical Alliance in Kings Cross, exploring two topics:

  1. Theological differences between western churches and churches from the majority world (Africa, Asia, Caribbean and South America)
  2. The challenges of growing multi-ethnic and multicultural churches

Speaking about the ways in which our culture shapes our theology, meaning we give different emphasis to various aspects of doctrine and practice, Mark Sturge spoke on the topic of theological differences between western and majority world churches. Mark is the Head of Churches (London Region) at Christian Aid and former General Secretary of the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance,

Follow this link to watch the video of Mark’s talk.

In the afternoon Rev David Wise spoke about his experience of leading a church which has transformed from a white majority church to a truly multicultural church reflecting a diverse range of cultures in its leadership, worship, teaching, fellowship and art work.

Follow this link to watch the video of David’s talk.

 Mark Sturge speaks on  the topic of theological differences between western and majority world churches.   Click the image to watch Mark's talk.

Mark Sturge speaks on the topic of theological differences between western and majority world churches. Click the image to watch Mark’s talk.



Partnership in Mission Conference 2014

We held our first CMMW conference, Partnership in Mission, on 6th September 2014 at Spurgeon’s College in London. The conference brought together Christians from across the UK and various cultural backgrounds to explore how missionaries and pastors from the majority world can work in partnership with indigenous British Christians in the UK.

With increasing numbers of Christians from the global south moving to the UK as missionaries, the Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World organised this conference to provide a space for honest discussion about how Christians of all backgrounds can work together more effectively and in equal partnership. See below for the conference flyer.

Read more about the conference on our news page.

CMMW conference talks – now available online:

Watch Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins’s talk on partnering in mission, which she opened by saying: “The very fact we are talking about partnership in mission indicates that something is wrong…”

Watch Rev Yemi Adedeji’s talk on strategic partnerships, where he emphasises that partnership is not possible without relationships.

Watch Rev Dr Roger Standing’s talk on unity, where he speaks passionately about the vision of a New Jerusalem with worshippers of all ethnicities before the throne, rich in diversity but uniting as one functioning community.

CMMW conference flyer - front
CMMW conference flyer - back

African Christianity and its Mission

The Missio Africanus think-tank day was held on 27th June 2014 at Birmingham Christian College.

The inaugural Missio Africanus think-tank day, organised by the Ajayi Crowther Centre for African Mission, focused on the big questions surrounding African missionary engagement in the 21st century.

Speakers included Dr Harvey Kwiyani, CMMW; Paul Thaxter, CMS; Rev Israel Olofinjana, CMMW; Dr Babatunde Adedibu, RCCG Research Officer and Dr Opoku Onyina, Church of Pentecost, UK.

Subjects included Africa and the African Diaspora, Intercultural Mutuality, Making Reverse Mission Work, and a special session celebrating Samuel Ajayi Crowther.