World Christianity in Britain Conference

On Saturday 13th October at Sheffield Community Church, were gathered about 50 people from across Britain. These included pastors, scholars, practitioners, missionaries from various cultural and ethnic background. Speakers on the day explored different aspects of World Christianity such as How to reach South Asians in Britain, Diaspora Missiology, African Christianity in the Diaspora, Western Perspective on African Christianity and Youth ministry within second generation African migrants. Below are audio recordings of the conference.

Usha Reifsnider, one of CMMW Director on South Asian Mission in Britain

Group Discussion on South Asian Mission

Dr Samuel Cueva, one of CMMW Directors on Diaspora Missiology

Dr Anderson Moyo, Senior Pastor Sheffield Community Church on Exploring African Christianity in the Diaspora

Dr Emma Wild-Wood, Senior lecturer, Edinburgh University on Western Perspective on African Christianity

Sarah Alonge, Youth leader and motivational speaker on Youth Ministry within Second Generation African Migrants

Youth Ministry in Multi-ethnic Britain Panel Discussion