Press Release New book released: World Christianity in Western Europe: Diasporic Identity, Narratives and Missiology

World Christianity in Western Europe is a new book edited by Israel Oluwole Olofinjana and published by Regnum Books, Studies in Mission (Oxford Centre for Mission Studies).

A short interview with Dr Harvey Kwiyani (General Editor of Missio Africanus Journal) about the book. You can watch it here Interview with Dr Harvey Kwiyani

A brief description of the book:

Christianity is a world religion, with an estimated 2.3 billion Christians. While World Christianity, with its attention on the explosive growth of Christianity in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Pacific and Oceania, is certainly significant, it is also important to consider World Christianity as it is developing in Europe. This book investigates this phenomenon in Western Europe, through the prisms of Diasporic Identity, migrant narratives and their mission theology. It considers the complex Christian identity of people migrating to Europe, their stories and mission praxis.

Here is a book including contributors who are scholars and practitioners. These scholars and practitioners are Europeans as well as migrants from the Majority World (Africans, Caribbeans, South Asians and Latin Americans), and employing an interdisciplinary approach, their work encompasses the fields of Diaspora Missiology, Practical Theology, World Christianity, Contextual Theology and Pentecostal Studies.

The book tells different stories of Majority World Christians in Europe such as immigrant Pentecostal churches in Sweden, contributions of Majority World Christians in Wales, conversion experiences of British Gujarati Indians, Brazilian missionaries in Britain and Italy and South Korean mission strategy in Europe/Central Asia. Scholars, pastors and students of mission will find this book useful as a resourceful tool on Diaspora Missiology.

What Scholars are saying about this book:

‘By placing the stories, identities and theologies of Christians from the Majority World in Europe at the centre of scholarly attention, this exciting interdisciplinary collection challenges, deepens and expands conversations about ‘world Christianity’, diasporic identity, and Christianity in Europe. Anyone seeking to reflect theologically on contemporary experiences of migration, transnationalism and intercultural encounter should engage with the material presented in this book’.

Rachel Muers, Professor of Theology, School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science, University of Leeds

‘Christianity in Western Europe is a thrilling collection of voices all attesting to one thing: God is on the move and mission across Europe has become the collective responsibility of Christians from the four corners of the world.’

Rev Dr Canon Joel Edwards, CBE, International Consultant on Mission and Global Justice issues

‘This book is a significant contribution to the ongoing shaping of new global Christianity through migration. The European reflections and stories in this book remind us of two fundamental features of God’s kingdom: Mission forces often come from the margins, and the true Church is meant to embrace and celebrate diversity.’

Wonsuk Ma, Ph.D., Dean, Distinguished Professor of Global Christianity, College of Theology and Ministry, Oral Roberts University   

World Christianity in Western Europe is a distinctive contribution from scholars and leaders on issues arising from changing shape of Christian identity and growing migration. Their dialogues and perspectives offer crucial prophetic challenges for those keen to embrace diversities of leadership, migrants and diaspora mission for European churches. I recommend this unique volume highly to thinkers and practitioners of European and diaspora mission.’

Dr Kang San Tan, General Director, Baptist Missionary Society (BMS)

‘This volume presents patterns and perspectives of fresh missional horizons and provides the variety and vitality of Christian gatherings being shaped by Europe’s changing demographics. Insightful and inspiring!’

Rev. Dr. T.V. Thomas, Chairman
Lausanne’s Global Diaspora Network (GDN)

The book has been a three-year research project for Israel Olofinjana. This has included finding the right people from across Europe to contribute, and seeking to engage current scholarship in the area of World Christianity. It is hoped that this volume, demonstrating various strands of diaspora discourse in Western Europe, will help to develop diasporic theologies of mission in Western Europe.

The book, retailing for £9.60, is available through Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and other online retailers.


End Notes

The book is published by Regnum Studies in Mission

Edited by Rev Israel Oluwole Olofinjana, founding director of Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World and Senior Pastor of Woolwich Central Baptist Church

Contact email:

Contributors are:

Tope Bello grew up in south London and came to know the Lord in her late teenage years. Her upbringing encouraged her to become involved in youth and prison work, before attending Oak Hill College to study Theology.  She is now a member of a Christian organisation called Black Berea, which hopes to engage the Black British culture and community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dr Stephen D Dye, PhD, Biola University is the founding pastor of CrossWay International Baptist Church in Berlin, Germany and missionary field leader of the Associate of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) in Germany.

Dr Rosalee Velloso Ewell is Principal of Redcliffe College, UK. She is on the editorial boards of Evangelical Review of Theology (World Evangelical Alliance theological journal) and International Review of Mission (World Council of Churches journal).

Flavio Gurattos was born and brought up in Brazil. He comes from a business background but closed his company to become a full time cross cultural missionary. Former Public Policy and Advocacy Team of the Evangelical Alliance UK as the coordinator of Speak Up and is now working as a policy advisor for the British Government.

Hun Kim is Diaspora Consultant for Wycliffe Global Alliance and Korean Research Institute for Diaspora. He is the visionary behind Equip 7 Learning Community, which is a pioneering diaspora training in Germany.

Nils Malmström has a BDiv. from Lund University. He has been doing research about Africa Pentecostalism in both Nigeria and Sweden since 2004. For several years, he has been working to increase knowledge and understanding of the new ecclesiastic landscape due to the emergence of Pentecostal Migrant churches in Sweden.

Dr Dulcie Dixon McKenzie is the Director of Centre for Black Theology and Tutor in Black Theology and Ministries at Queens Foundation for Theological Ecumenical Education, Birmingham. She is also an executive member of Society for the Study of Theology (SST).

Rev Claire Ord is a Baptist minister and a Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) mission worker. She has an MA in Applied Theology and is a hospital chaplain. She is a mother of three children.

Rev Mark Ord is a Baptist minister and director of training of Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) in Birmingham. He also lectures with Moorlands College and is currently working on a PhD in Theology at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam through Queens Foundation in Birmingham.

Usha Patel Reifsnider is a first generation British Gujarati Christ follower, transcultural mission consultant and PhD researcher. She is also one of the directors of Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World. Usha is on the Co-ordination and Executive Team of Lausanne Europe.

Jim Stewart is currently pursuing a PhD at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and working part-time for Oxfam in Wales as Media and Communications Officer. Before that, he worked for 12 years with Evangelical Alliance in Wales as Public Policy Officer. He has worked extensively among refugees and asylum seekers and has developed strong links with Majority-World Christian communities in Wales. His wife is a former refugee from Eritrea and the couple have a young boy, Caleb.

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