God’s Kingdom is Multi-ethnic (A video Resource to help Church networks, Mission Organisations and Theological Colleges)

As issues of racism has suddenly become a top priority people are discussing, I thought it best to put together a short video to help churches, mission agencies and theological colleges navigate what it means to express God’s multi-ethnic kingdom on earth.

Below is the summary of the key points and the links to the video (About 14 minutes long) . Please feel free to use it and share with mission leaders, students and pastors as you see fit

Wrestling with the issue of racism
Churches, theological colleges, para-church agencies – asking what can we do, how can we change things, how can we speak into this issue?
We need to look inward and reflect on our own house
7 key points:
1) God’s vision is of a multi-ethnic kingdom (Revelation 5 & 7) – it’s not about “being politically correct”
2) Be intentional in our thinking, strategies and action
3) Look at our friendship networks – are they all “People Like Us” (PLUs)?
4) Create safe spaces to have conversations about race and racism
5) Learn about the history of racism
6) Listen to voices from the majority world
7) Visible representation of majority world leaders

God’s Kingdom is Multi-ethnic!

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